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Martikomerc repair, service, test and exchange the hydraulic pumps, motors and another hydraulic components for industrial, mobile, construction, agricultural, forestry, mining and another equipments.

Martikomerc is the service partner for Danfoss, Sauer-Danfoss products. We provide the repairs of full range of the Danfoss, Sauer-Danfoss products as well as the other brands of hydraulic pumps, motors and components including Bosch-Rexroth, Linde, Eaton, Char-Lynn, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Uchida, Dynapower, Mitsubishi, Poclain, Vickers, Atos and others.

Martikomerc can repair, service and return your component quickly, usually 1- 2 days for Danfoss, Sauer-Danfoss pumps/motors ser. 20, another series and brands depends on the damage, but not later than 1 week . We have a lot of Sauer-Danfoss pumps and motors sizes 20,21,22,23 at our stock ready for exchange. Our repairing capabilities are extensive.

Our skilled technicians are trained by the manufacturer and they provide the highest possible quality of all the repaired pumps, motors and components. To reach this highest possible quality of the repairs, Martikomerc provide the workmanship on the highest level thanks to the new technologies used for their repairs, including test stand and all others required equipments and tools.
We use only the original or licenced high quality parts for our repairs to reach the highest possible quality of the repaired pumps, motors and components. We keep a lot of parts at our stock to be flexible and return the repaired pumps, motor and components as soon as possible to our customers.

So, don`t hesitate and entrust your hydraulic system to our hands.

Thank You, your Martikomerc Team.

Looking forward to our mutual cooperation, Your Martikomerc Team.