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About Martikomerc

During the 13 years history, the Martikomerc has successfully supplied-exported the hydraulic components and provided the repairs and services to the customers throughout the whole world. From the beginning the Martikomerc has concentrated for supplies-exports of the licenced Sauer-ZTS hydraulic components as SPV pumps and SMF motors series 20 and their parts, their repairs and services.

To provide the satisfaction of our customers and full fill of their requirements, Martikomerc has started to offer more and more series and brands of the hydraulic components and today we offer and sell-export, repair and service the hydraulic components of many well known leading world manufacturers.

Martikomerc is now the official distributor and service partner for Sauer-Danfoss. We offer the full range of the original Sauer-Danfoss products and we provide the repairs and service for these products.

Today Martikomerc can provide you with the complete offer of the services in the field of any hydraulic systems, from designing of the hydraulic scheme for your hydraulic system, providing the required hydraulic components for your hydraulic system, throughout the assembly and repair or service of your hydraulic components, testing of your hydraulic components or provide the training of our customers in the hydraulic systems.


Martikomerc goal is to be a partner in the success of its customers. To provide the customers with the best quality products and services in the shortest possible time. To be flexible and ready to full fill of all the customers requirements on the highest possible level.

So, let us enter to your hydraulic world.

Looking forward to our mutual cooperation, Your Martikomerc Team.